Notes of Xiavatius

Killed 3 ghosts
Killed worm thing that came out of mouth

Gathered ring of keys in cell area.
Golden stitch thread
Still have key found in bedroom of Floor 4?
Wizard’s book on desk: Communications & Signaling the Beyond
Book: Surviving the Interior Bular Ether
1 book of Communicating with other worlds
1 book of Encyclopedia of Creatures from the Beyond
Bunch of scrolls about knots

Hired by Jupe Von Oolmes to retrieve his play To Grant Ones Heart’s Desires, which could cause great harm & destruction if performed by anyone but him.
He knows that De La Renzo took it from his house two weeks prior.
He’ll pay us 50sp now & 50gp upon delivery of the play scroll.
He suggests we go to the Shrieking Hog Tavern for more information.

The Tarot Reader at the Shrieking Hog told my fortune & said I should beware a Valley of mist.

We found a dead De La Renzo outside the Tower of Lightning.

We used one of the remaining 3 scrolls to move back 30min and managed to bring Rowen back.
We got ten chests in the treasure room.
We each got 5000 XP.
Then we go on our way to Karlstott, where the woman who we believe hired de Lorenzo is.
Gabriel Bower – this was the woman referenced by the note on de Lorenzo
Martin Bower is the name that Father Bacon had heard of.
The Swedish Army, with the Protestants, is sweeping down killing all in their path.

(From the GM)
The year is 1631 and the party is heading into the Holy Roman Empire (modern day German) looking for the manuscript, To Grant One’s Heart’s Desire.
Eric, Devin, Talath, Tom & James(?)


  • We meet-up with Otto, who is being chased by wild dogs. We save him from the dogs, killing three, & he joins our party.
  • A Jewish family passes us in the road, fleeing the oncoming Swedish army. They had a huge box in their cart.
  • We entered the town of Gossenheim, to find men slaughtering livestock. They told us they’re killing their livestock so it doesn’t feed the invading Swedes. Otto asks for one of the livestock & they give him a pig, which he names Mr. Willakers.
  • We’re ambushed by five giant ants. Three of us are surprised.
    • I smash one of its antennae but it feasts its mandibles on me, drags me from my horse and render me unconscious. The rest of my party dispatches the ants.
  • When I come to, I heal myself &
  • We come to the town of Karlstodt. You have to enter via a bridge over the river that runs along the town. There’s a huge refugee camp on the other side of the bridge…maybe 2000 people.
  • Of the 7 witches, one is the “Mother” and one is the “Watcher”, who guards the gate.
  • Maker, Watcher, Mother, Joy,

We arrive at the crazy bar & find The Joy there. The Joy said she’d tell us the story of Gloria Bauer if I allowed myself to be tied to a table there & let folks in the bar have their way with me. I declined since that it violated my clerical oath. Otto volunteered for the duty…and did what he had to do. The Joy fulfilled her end & told us the story of Bauer.

The Joy said there’s another witch named The Defender & The Reminder. She confirmed that Mother was at the HQ with her familiar, which she said to look out for.

Bauer & The Joy, both witches, were about to be arrested. From the description, it sounds like Bauer acted out Jupe’s play. Bauer died from the casting, but it led to the witches taking over the town. The Joy said she thought The Mother might have that manuscript, which she said was a touchy subject.

We asked for more information regarding mother and the manuscript, but The Joy declined unless I would get it on with Helga, who was nearby. I declined for the same reasons. The Joy gave us an alternative – scare The Defiler in the cemetery.

So we went to the cemetery, Otto hid among the piles of bodies there & jumped out and scared her. The Defiler had taken it upon herself to looking for undead among the corpses & mistook Otto for one of them. The Defiler axed Otto once and then we took off.

We found The Joy & she told us that Mother was at the witches HQ up Northwest in the mountains & she was up to something.

She said if one of us would get it on with her, she would give us information on The Mother and her guards. Rowan did as he had to do & The Joy remarked on Mother’s Guards. Her guards were pretty mean & she warned not to be captured by them.

Notes of Xiavatius

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