The Carrion Kro

The Witches of Karlstodt

We learned a new definition for "donation"


  • We meet-up with Otto, who is being chased by wild dogs. We save him from the dogs, killing three, & he joins our party.
  • A family, that we believe to be Jewish, passes us on the road, obviously fleeing the oncoming Swedish army. They had a truly huge box in their cart. We had a short conversation with them, but they were quite wary of us…with good reason it turned out, as members of our party expressed intense curiosity about what was in that box. We let them pass unmolested.
  • We entered the town of Gossenheim, to hear the slaughtering of livestock. We located the source and the men doing so told us they were killing their cattle so it didn’t feed the invading Swedes. Otto asks for one of the livestock & they give him a pig, which he names Mr. Willakers. We noted that it was going to be hard to eat a pig named Mr. Willakers.
  • We’re ambushed by five giant ants on our way to Karlshtodt & three of us were Giant_Ant.jpgsurprised. They clearly were not good Catholics. I smash my attacker’s antennae but it feasts its mandibles on me, drags me from my horse and renders me unconscious. Fortunately, the rest of my party dispatches the ants.
  • When I come to, I heal myself & Rowan. Good to go!
  • We come to the town of Karlstodt. You have to enter via a bridge over the river that runs along the town. There’s a huge refugee camp on the other side of the bridge…maybe 2000 people. They seemed fairly desperate & made some attempt to relieve us of our supplies.
  • Of the 7 witches, one is the “Mother”, who seems in charge of sustenance, and one is the “Watcher”, who guards the gate. There is also a “Maker”. The woman we seek, Gabriel Bower, we are told is the witch known as “Joy”, but she went missing when the witches took over the town. We find this out from Bower’s ex-neighbor. Probably tellingly, Bower’s house is razed to the ground…no joy for her.Joy_s_razed_house.jpg



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