The Carrion Kro

Willabad Schartz & his Glass Tiger

Father Xiavatius meet Serpenthelm

  • We entered the Mound that we believed within the Glass Tiger dwelled. It was Glass_Tiger.jpgsurrounded by 8 obelisks. We entered and descended 20 feet of stairs. At the bottom of those stairs, there was a large very flat, smooth & black area. Og Burning_oil.jpglit a foot of rope on fire and tossed it onto this black floor…which turned out to be all oil, which went up in flames and incinerated us all.
  • I woke up with what I thought were my comrades outside the Mound. But I woke up as Serpenthelm the Magic User and his memories…but also Xiavatius’ memories, as well. I woke up with Hilda, Elgos & Conrad.
  • Our new personalities crossed the oil without further incident, coming to areas to the left and right on the other side. There were four pedestals with four statues and an inscription on each.
    • There was a statue of girls all giving birth to each other
      • Elgos the Elf read the inscription on the statue of the girls giving birth to each other: “Battlemaster Talon Berry 425-510; Slew 47 of the tall ones women and children with his bare hands and later lead the battle which drove those who wear shoes from the realm of the peaceful ones.”
    • A boy stripping off a “shirt” of his own skin
    • A boy with no hands that is being strangled by many pairs of hands.
    • Boy on his hands & knees with faces on his back.
  • We encountered Willabad Schwartz with the Glass Tiger next to him.
    • One hand above his shoulder holding a child’s head. In the other hand he is controlling a skeleton marionette.
    • He told us that the wizard of the tower was his mentor & the planet that the telescope was pointing at is “Carcosa”. He’s not found of his mentor.
    • This “mound” is his lair and it is the former HQ of the “Insect God”, which now resides in a Shrine on Goblin Hill, which is the same location where we heard that the witch known as “The Mother” is located.
    • If the gem of the Insect God is broken, then the Insect God will not be able to rise again.
    • He gave us a scroll, that once invoked, would take us back to the time that the gem was lost in the Shrine of the Insect God July 14, 10,000 B.C. for three hours …. with the idea being that we go back and break the Gem back then. If we do so, then we get to keep the Gem shards.
      • The shards of the Gem are worth about 45,000 Silver Pieces.
    • The Insect Shrine is on the Southern side of Goblin Hill.



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